Open hours

BEGINNING 2/8/2021

Franklin Hall: Equipment Checkout
9 AM - 6:30 PM, Mon - Fri
CLOSED FROM NOON - 1:00 PM, Mon - Fri
CLOSED, Sat - Sun

Franklin Hall: Labs & Suites
9 AM - 10 PM, Mon - Thurs
9 AM - 5:00 PM, Fri
CLOSED, Saturday
Noon - 10 PM, Sunday

RTV: Equipment Checkout & Lab
8 AM - 10 PM, Mon - Thurs
8 AM - 5 PM, Friday
CLOSED, Sat - Sun

Contact us

PLEASE NOTE: The below email addresses are monitored on business days, Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM.  Emails sent outside those times will be monitored on the next business day.

The phones are monitored only during the Franklin Hall Equipment Checkout and RTV Checkout & Lab hours, respectively.

Franklin Hall

Phone: 812-855-7959


Radio and TV Building

Phone:  812-855-7855



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  • Equipment Checkout Room and Computer Labs: CLOSED DATES
    • Equipment Checkout and Computer Labs for both Franklin Hall and RTV are closed on Saturdays.
    • Franklin Hall checkout and labs will close Friday, November 20th, for the Fall Semester, and re-open Monday, February 8th, for the Spring Semester.
  • Systems Maintenance is performed on the second Tuesday of every month.  During that time, Connect2 will be unavailable and the equipment room staff cannot check out equipment.  Systems Maintenance begins at 7:00 PM and runs until completion, which may take one or more hours.  Equipment Checkout and/or Production Lab hours may be limited or close early on those days.

    • 03/09/2021 systems maintenance scheduled.
    • 04/13/2021 systems maintenance scheduled.

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Below is a condensed version of the Terms & Conditions that persons agree to when creating a booking. When creating your booking, please read the agreement IN FULL to understand your obligations.
1. Equipment checkout is available only to students actively enrolled in a Media School class during the current academic session. The equipment a student has access to is based on the Media School classes they are currently enrolled in.

2. Equipment or Facilities should be used for Media School projects ONLY. It would be unfair for students to not have access to equipment if it was being used for non-Media School projects, or for projects outside the university. As such, Media School equipment should not be used for freelancing or for-profit projects.

3. All bookings should be made in advance by the student using the equipment or facilities. The student is required to show up for check-outs and check-ins, and cannot pass that off to another person. Students are required to bring their Crimson Card to all check-outs.

4. The Media School provides automated notifications regarding a student's booking. It is the responsibility of the student to read those emails.

5.  The student is expected to be on time for check-outs and check-ins, to edit or cancel their booking prior to checkout, and to communicate with the checkout site as needed.

6. At any time, the Media School reserves the right to cancel bookings or deny access to equipment or facilities, if deemed necessary.

7. Students are expected to care for equipment or facilities and follow best practices. If poor handling occurs, the student may lose eligibility to continue using Media School equipment or facilities.

8. The student is responsible for any costs related to loss and damage, and options will be discussed when the loss or damage is assessed.

9. The student will receive strikes based on violations of the policy. This includes, but is not limited to, a late return, leaving equipment in a vehicle overnight, or losing pieces of a kit or item.  It is at the discretion of the Media School to apply these strikes.